Air Conditioning Condenser Replacement

The air conditioning condenser is located in the engine compartment in front of the vehicle's radiator.

To replace the air conditioning condenser, the AC system refrigerant is flushed, the metal lines to the condenser are removed, and the condenser is detached from the radiator. The new condenser is installed, and the refrigerant replaced.

The location of the AC condenser makes it prone to damage if the vehicle is involved in a front-end collision. If such a collision occurs, the AC system should be closely inspected to ensure that it is operating correctly and not in danger of failing at a later date.

The AC system should be operated at least once a month to circulate the refrigerant—even during the winter. The AC system operates at very high pressures. Special tools and knowledge are needed to work on it; this work must be carried out by competent, trained technicians.