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GMC Yukon XL Denali Air Conditioning Compressor May Fail

GMC Yukon XL Denali Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2001, 2003


A rattling noise may develop from the AC belt tensioner. This can be caused by an internal fault with the AC compressor, AC performance may also be diminished when this occurs. Our technicians tell us that replacing the ac compressor will commonly correct this concern.


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    I was told the whole air conditioning system had to be replaced by Russell Barnett GM dealer in Winchester Tennessee. Called GM to report this problem. GM made me think I was going to get reimbursed through the whole process but told me I had to go to a licensed GM dealer for the repair. I did, and when all was done they begged out. The GM dealership had my vehicle for a week???!!! Didn't know it would take that long to replace an air conditioning system. Very disappointing. I could have had it repaired in a day for half that by a licensed mechanic. At the same time I had a problem with my door locks. They wouldn't lock or un-lock off the door switch or key bobble. They said they put it on the diagnostics machine and it told them the locks were bad. They replaced all my door locks. Two days later while making my annual trip to Wisconsin the whole electrical system including the locks went out. Since I was in Wisconsin now I took it to the GM dealership there and found out there was nothing wrong with my locks and that it was the battery cables that went bad and that's what was causing the problem probably with both the lock and air conditioning. I spent mega $$$$ on locks and air conditioning. Kind of hard to trust some of the GM dealers in Tennessee. Thanks Bergstrom GM Wisconsin for not charging me and arm and leg to repair the cables. Everything has been working perfectly since.

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