Air conditioning caused engine to raise and lower. on 1999 Buick Park Avenue

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Car runs fine until the A/C is turned on,now,I noticed today that smoke was coming from under the hood.With the A/C turned off,there's no smoke,can someone tell me what may possibly be the problem ? It's too hot here to be without air.( Humidity ).
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When the air conditioning compressor kicks in it does put more load on the engine. Does you Buick have any oil leaks or could the smoke you see be the air conditioning causing the fan belt to slip in which case it would be accompanied by a high pitched squealing sound when the belt slips. Its very hard for me to guess at what could be causing smoke when the air conditioning is turned on with out seeing the car first had, but you are right this isn't normal and with hot weather ahead it is best to get it looked after soon.