2001 Toyota Sequoia Q&A

2001 Toyota Sequoia Question: Air Conditioning

I think I froze my air conditioning unit last winter, but finally broke it free awhile back. Now I barely get any cold air in the summer, help.... And yes the system is charged an full -
Answer 1
Is the compressor functioning properly? Are you sure it has the correct amount of refrigerant? If there's too much it wont work and may even damage the compressor. -
Comment 1
what are the correct perssure readings for the low and high sides mine is running 275 on the high and 50 on the low any help would be great my email address is twogun6475@yahoo.comwe just replaced the compressor ,dryer,and condencerand put 35oz of 134 in the system after a 45 minn vaccume -
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Just in the pass week or two my air condition have started making noise from time to time when I turn it on. it still cool and blow well. Do I to add feon and if so how much? The back cargo wind...
It continues to blow but it just blows warm air. Dealership said to check radiator and overflow and the levels were fine.