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2005 Hyundai Sonata Question: Air conditioner switch is on with green light and air coming out but no cool air

When I switch on the a/c of my Hyundai Sonata it blows air which is not cold. The A/c switch shows the green light. It is the same air as outside. I never had to use the a/c from the time I bought it last year in October. -
Answer 1
You might just be low on refrigerant. you can buy a can at the parts store for $30 to $40. You will need one with the hose. The directions are not hard to follow o the can. if you can find your compressor, there is 2 lines coming out of it. Each line has a port. The hose will only fit on the smaller port. It might have a blue cap on it to help locate it. I would recommend the bigger can since your air is not cool at all. Hope this helps. if you need more help just reply. -
Comment 1
Thanks for your reply. After your suggestion I located the compressor and the High pressure and low pressure valve. The other thing I have noticed is that when I switch on the A/c there is no change in sound. With little knowledge I have, there should be some clutch sound when the a/c is switch on. The belt on the compressor is rotating even when the a/c is switched off. Not sure if that should happen. When I switch on the a/c, there is no change in sound except that the fans in front of condenser starts rotating. -