air conditioner problem on 2001 Acura TL

air conditioner blower does not work. no air hot or cold comes out????

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Bret is right, but understand there's more to this repair that it sounds. You have computer that controls blower & clutch engagement. Please take it to a Acura friendly tech, not only the dealer.
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You'll need to have the blower motor checked to see why it isn't working. There can be many reasons for this, but only a proper diagnosis will determine the cause.
Same thing just happened to my 2001 Acura yesterday!
The blower motor goes bad due to a harness that is too short and it melts at the connector at the blower motor. Replace both the harness and the blower motor which is located inthe bottom of the blower box under the glove box which must be removed. Follow the instructions that come with the new harness fron the dealer. There has been a TSB on this for years, the dealers know about it.
no hot air no cold air comes out