air conditioner not working properly on 2003 Honda Pilot

No prior issues. After a routine 90,000 mile maintenance service, my a/c stopped working right afterwards. It didn't blow cold air and less air also. Seemed like the temperature was off by 5-10 degrees F. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong with it. On my third visit, they said the A/C coil and clutch were burnt out - didn't know how; "it just happens" was the answer of the service manager. Does this make any sense? I have my car for 8 years since I bought it new and never had an A/C problem until after this maintenance service. It still doesn't blow as much air and blows warm air. At 61 F setting, it feels like 68

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remember, mechanical things break. chances are that your ac would have failed even if you did not take it for service. when someone repairs it, find out the cause before you point any fingers.

ok.if they repaired it and it is not right, then return to the dealer and have make it to your satisfaction. they should believe you as you now how your system was prior to the repair. if you dont get any satisfaction, contact the honda tech rep for the area and bring him into the mix.

I still have the same problem after the dealer replaced the coil and the clutch. I am concerned that they don't know what the problem is or how to fix it.