air conditioner fan not working on 2001 Toyota Highlander

No air coming from vents, any clue why this suddenly stopped? I drove through some driving rain storms yesterday, but I doubt that contributed. Thanks.

There is a 50 AMP fuse link in the engine compartment marked HEATER ,check that that has power first, that sends power to the heater blower relay, a second smaller fuse marked heater (15 AMP) in the fuse box protects the heater operation circuit and controls. Other possible failures are the blower motor itself or the heater blower resistor pack (used to control fan speeds).
Thanks. It was working when I started my car this morning, so I'm assuming it had something to do with the rain I went thru yesterday (over 6 hrs steady).

any way i can locate the heater blower resistor for highlander?
I have a similar problem. In my case the A/C blower works but in low speed fan. when a try to switch to a higher fan speed, the A/C compresor turns off and stop cooling. any ideas?