Air conditioner causing car to run hot on 1996 Lexus LS400

The air conditioner works fine but when it is turned on the car runs hot. The car doesnt run hot as long as the air conditioner remains off.

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Air conditioning puts an extra load on the engine. It often shows up a restriction in the radiator that isn't a problem when the engine is not under the additional load of having to drive and air conditioning compressor. Do you hear the air conditioning condenser fan run when you turn on and off the air conditioning?
I will send you an article I wrote about cooling systems and particular problems, you have made me think I need to add to the article the effects air conditioning has on a cooling system.
My name is Karen I have a 1996 ford taurus. Car runs great except when I run the air conditioner it runs hot. when i cut the air conditioner off it stops running hot can you help. Im not sure if I can get back to this page. my e-mail is
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Mine was doing the same thing and it was the AC fan not coming on! All I needed was a fuse :D
why does my car run hot when the air conditner in mt car is on