Air conditioner on 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

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Having the same problem with mine as delfuji, San Jose.(Does not blow cold air). Charge was checked & good & no leaks. Maybe the Mass Airflow Sensor? Another Help!!! PLEASE
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Mass airflow meter measures air intake into the engine and is used to calculate how much fuel the engine needs, it doesn't have any impact on the air conditioning system at all.
I will look for the person you said has the same problem as you, but does your car's blower motor work at all or does the blower motor work and you have been told the refrigerant charge is OK but it still doesn't blow cold?
Hey autotechpat...thanks fro the answer. Yes, the blower semi works and blows cold air only for a moment when I have it on 4, then it just blows air temp (not sure if it's road air temp. On 1, it's blowing air but hardly at all cold. I had it checked and the mechanic said it was fully charged and said it's not the relay switch eather.
HEEELLLPPPP Please if possible. Thanks again for your reply.