air conditioner on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

The ari in my vehicle works ok while im driving. As soon as I come to a red light or stop sign the air blows warm. Even when im parked it will blow warm air

by in Madison, TN on June 19, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 01, 2010
Mine too!! same exact thing. Can anyone help? My email is
ANSWER by , July 04, 2010
My air conditioner on my 2007 Ford 500 blows warm air the minute I slow down or stop. What is wrong?
COMMENT by , July 08, 2010
I had the same problem..had to replace the compressor. Luckily, I work at the local community college and labor was free. Hopefully you have a similar program where you are..Know the air is working fine
COMMENT by , July 16, 2010
ANSWER by , July 16, 2010
Most likely your problem is the compressor control valve. Cost for a new one is abot $30. This is the most likely culprit based off of your described symptoms. Dealerships will want to replace the compressor, point out that this is a common problem with the Ford 500. A new control valvve is much cheaper than a new compressor.
COMMENT by , August 05, 2010
where is the compressor contral valve? Napa says that don't see that part for my 2005 ford 500.
ANSWER by , July 28, 2010
My compressor was bad too, same exact issue, blew warm at idle. Rev up to 2000 -3000 rpm and it blew cold.
ANSWER by , August 05, 2010
Have mechanic check for leaking air compressor "O" ring seals.
ANSWER by , March 09, 2011
I have an 05, mine started doing the same. A friend is a mechanic, he says it's the compressor. Apparently it's a problem with this compressor in these cars. To replace the compressor will cost $700 for part, not including labor. He drained the Freon and recharged it, said that will hold me for a while. I just make sure I rev it up to about 2000 RPM for a few seconds and that seems to help.