Air Conditioner on 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan

In 2009 my air conditioner began blowing hot air - 100 miles outside of the warranty. They wanted $250 for a diagnostic charge which of course I could not afford. In 2010 a friend heard that there was a problem with the rear air conditioner leaking and that it was covered under warranty. After months and months of trying to find a dealer that would waive the diagnostic since it was a known problem, they finally looked at it and fixed it. The fix lasted exactly 6 weeks and it broke again. That was last fall. When we called they told us to wait until the spring and they would fix it. We just took it in and they called to say that it would be anywhere from $85 to $100 for the dye TEST to DETERMINE if it was indeed the warranteed part. We told them we don't have that, they said they would put the car out front but we still owed $39.95 for their time!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!! And is there anyway for us to determine if in fact it is the rear a/c as opposed to the front a/c?

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Unfortunately, most (if not all) places are going to exercise some kind of diagnostic charge with an AC concern, since it's time consuming to work with and there is refrigerant and dye being used to help find what's wrong.

I certainly respect not having enough funds to get things done...hopefully things will work out for you to be able to swing it at some point in the near future.