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2002 Kia Rio Question: air conditioner

I just had my timing belt replaced last week, now when i turn on my air condiioner it makes a strange sound and wont blow correctly but i can feel the cool air. Did they do something while changing my belt ? -
Answer 1
Sherry, It's hard to know if the shop could've caused this without knowing exactly what is wrong and what work the shop performed. I would take it back and ask that they look at the vehicle, a good shop will have a quick look at this and see if it something they may have caused and address it. Without having enough info, it sounds like a blower fan problem, which isn't related to a timing belt repair. If the pollen/cabin filter was replaced, that could have an affect on the airflow. -
Answer 2
did you have the blower motor checked as I asked in your previous post? Roy -
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