air conditioner on 2002 Lincoln Town Car

the a/c does not seem to blow cold air and when I turn on
max you can't tell any difference--blowing the same

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This sounds like an airflow problem. Do you hear the blower fan getting louder when you put it on high speed?
No--it doesn't matter if you have it on regular air or hit
the max button the air does not blow any harder or colder-
crazy?? And I do not hear the blower fan getting any louder.
Sounds like an issue with the blower motor or the circuit that controls it. This starts to get complicated and it will require some testing to know what is bad. Do you have a shop in your area that you can take it to? If not, have a look here:
Good Luck
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On some vehicles Max AC just recools the inside air and regular AC cools outside air
mechanic said it was the coolant faN THE CAR IS RUNNING HOT AND TO REPLACE COST $390 TO FIX