Air Conditioner on 1990 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

My Air Conditioner is not blowing Cold Air. This is actually a 1989 g20 chevy conversion van. It blows hot air out of the vents when i cut it on with no funny noises. The van only has 65 thousand miles on it because it sat. If it is the freon, will the freon kit at walmart work for my van or do i need to find another piece first. Also, what are the signs of the compressor being blown for the a/c for my vehicle.

by in Valparaiso, FL on September 26, 2009
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4 answers
ANSWER by , September 26, 2009
The refrigerant used in your air conditioning system is R-12, not the commonly available R134a refrigerant sold in Walmart. The system probably has a leak that needs to be investigated, repaired and the system recharged particularly if the van has just sat for a long period of time without cycling the air conditioning system. They make R12 with a dye in it, you put a can of the refrigerant in and if there is leak the dye causes a stain that helps visually locate the leak.
ANSWER by , September 26, 2009
If you buy the R12 to R134a retrofit kit at Walmart you better make sure that there is nothing in the system before you recharge it. Some of the kits mount adaptors to the line ports and that's it. R12 mixed with R134a will make phosphene gas (mustard gas). R12 is way more expensive ($100 a pound here) but is a much better refrigerant. Jumper the wires on the accumulator together to with ac on to make the car think its full. If the compressor runs fix your leak & recharge with R12.
ANSWER by , January 16, 2015
Walmart kit works, I used it. Put in kit works good. But if I dont use AC for a while it leaks out again. The seals in the compressor prob. dried up from not using it. I did have a service valve leaking. Fixed that but still has slow leak when I dont use it.
ANSWER by , December 05, 2010
I Know this is from a wile back, but here we go. There is still on ebay R12 for sale some in small cans you need some one that Knows something about recharging systems. small cans need a connect kit There is a kit for 16 dollars that fits all cans. It fits around the can,and punches a sealed hole alowing flow to 1/4 flare that connects to charging hose u need enough freon in system to maintain 20 + lb pressure when engine is running at say = to 65 mile per hour You can also use R12a you only use 1/3 rd the of normal charge( R12a is flamable ) works great !!