air condition problem on 2004 Toyota Sienna

Is it true that the 2004 model is having major air condition failures because the compressors are failing and sending metal particles through out the system causing $4000 in repairs

by in Hellertown, PA on April 13, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 13, 2009
There are no Known service Bulletins that would indicate Toyota is having problems with their Air conditioner compressors. When an Air Conditioner Compressor fails does not mean pieces go through the system. There are filters that are replaced when Compressor is replaced.
COMMENT by on July 27, 2010
ANSWER by on April 14, 2009
Some Hondas had compressor failures that sent debris through out the entire air conditioning system resulting in very expensive repairs.
ANSWER by on August 03, 2009
Comment from Carlsbad, CA: I just had a "catastrophic" AC compressor failure in my 2004 Sienna LE/AWD on July 15, 2009. The car has approximately 93,000 miles. The local Toyota dealer quoted >$4,300.00 for complete system replacement due to fine metal particle contamination throughout. Service writer says there are TSBs on the 2004 Sienna AC system for this failure. No preventive maintenance remedy. Can happen at any time. Search the web. It is happening more frequently than admitted to by Toyota and has been for awhile. See also:
COMMENT by on June 10, 2010
Yes, This happened to us on our 2005 sienna( bought in Oct. 2004), we had the first compresser repaced April of 2007 (cost $2000), then it went out again in 2008, we faught and Toyota covered it, now it has happened again now we're on our 3rd compressor.
ANSWER by on July 09, 2010
I too have had the same problem. My 04 Sienna air conditioner went out at 34,000 mi. I replaced everything from the dealer at a cost of $1,800.00. That was the end of July 2008. July 2010 my condensor went bad again and the cost is $1,200.00. Toyota does not stand by its products and this van is a lemon. I have had numerous issues with this van and to this day I only have 58,000 mi on it. Items replaced: radiator, both front seat heaters, lock actuator, seat belts, and liftgate hydriolics (twice). Sliding door parts, one key fab (battery dies so does the key fab) and the other key fab I had to pay to have reprogrammed. Did I mention the van eats tires? I just put on my 3rd set I have so much money invested in this vehicle with so few miles that I can’t get rid of it. My advice is to tell everyone not to purchase Toyota's!
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