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1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: air condition leak

all the sudden freon started flowing out of my a/c vents. itt looked like smoke. i thought it was a leak but the a/c still blows cold. and the vapors are still there, what could this be? -
Answer 1
Refrigerant cannot flow out of your A/C vents. The vapor is likely condensation. This would be due to moisture build up in the evaporator box, extreme humid conditions, or something else to do with moisture. -
Comment 1
well it sure smells like freon,and it looks like steam coming out when its on 1. or low. If i turn on tha heater it s worse, u still think its condensation? -
Comment 2
Yes. Furthermore, refrigerant would not leak on demand; a pressurized system would leak continuously, not just when your AC was on. And yes, with heat, moisture would be more prevalent. I am sorry you disapprove of my answer. Perhaps more appropriate would be a first hand inspection by a qualified technician in your area. -
Answer 2
It sounds like your heater-core is cracked. You should bring it by Mr. Transmission for a free inspection/diagnostic test. We are located off of Federal which is pretty close to Pasadena. -
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