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2004 Ford Explorer Question: air condition

the hose has a hole in it caused bythe harmonic balancer rubbing against it how do i take it off and can it be driven untill i can replace it. -
Answer 1
I would try to secure the hose so it doesn't rub on the harmonic balancer, then when you can have it replaced, do so. It is OK to leave it like this for awhile, the only issue is air and moisture getting into the a/c system, which can damage it over time. When the hose is replaced, the will need to replace the accumulator, which is what help to remove moisture from the a/c system. -
Answer 2
When i turn on my vehicle in the morning; the air conditioning only blow warm air, but after 45 min. ( aprox.) the compressor "clap on" and start cooling. Sometimes stop cooling at high speed. -
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