Air condition on 1993 Honda Civic

why want my air condition blow out cold air,but it is full of freeon,what could be the problem?it blows out some air.

by in Robersonville, NC on March 23, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 23, 2011
Is it the fan speed that is the problem? Or is it how warm or cold the air is?
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
the air never gets cold,and when im just sitting still i can turn the air system on and it will blow out air,but also when i mash the ac button i dont hear a change in the motor or anything.
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
It appears that your compressor is not turning on, based on what you're saying. This could be because the system is too low in charge to function (due to a leak), or it could be because of an electrical problem (coil issue, cycle switch issue, wiring issue). Patrick has it pretty well explained already. A hands on diagnosis is required.
ANSWER by on March 23, 2011
The air being blown out the vents may just be air drawn in from the outside of the car and is not cooled down/refrigerated. Do you hear the air conditioning compressor engage when the a/c is turned on. The a/c compressor is driven by a fan belt at the front of the engine, the compressor has a "clutch' on the front of the compressor that electrically engages when the a/c is switched on by the driver. The problem could be electrical or it could be a problem with any part of the a/c system. It needs to be investigated by someone familiar with air conditioning but this system is not complicated on this car.
COMMENT by on March 24, 2011
the air never gets cold,only when it turns cool/cold outside,and when im sitting still i can turn on the air system and it will blow out air,but when i mash the a/c button i dont hear a change in the motor or anything,and i have it on the hightest speed that it can go,i had someone try to put freon in it but,it would not take any in at all.
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