air conditioiner overheating on 2000 Kia Sportage

Even tho I have a full radiator and reservoir of antifreeze, my a/c still overheats after about 30 minutes of driving. What is causing it to overheat?

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You may be interested in the following link. Kia as a car manufacturer have put all their workshop manuals on line for free to there owners.
I will send an article I wrote about cooling systems and overheating that may help help you. I'll send it to the email address you posted this question from.
Could i get a copy of this sent to me at Thanks as i am having same problem. Now i am also getting the code P0442 with check engine light on that is the code it is giving. Thank you.
May I please have this link sent to me as well? Having very similar issues. Thank you!!!
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Replacing the Centrifugal clutch fan cured this problem for me, old fan had too much freewheeling going on !!