air compressor on 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

I just recently replaced my air compressor to my Honda Civid Hybrid (2003) and it will not cool as before. It takes about 15 mins. to start cooling. The mechanic says it is because it is hot outside!. It has always been hot outside and gives me the excuse that I am only dring 5 miles and not giving the car long enough to cool. I never had a problem with the air before having the air compressor replaced. In fact, my mother says it used to freeze her out. Any ideas what may be wrong?

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when you did the compressor, did you replace the dryer and evacuate the system?? this must be done to get maximum cooling.

I know that the dryer and pulley were replaced also. Do not know about the evacuate the system--what do you mean? I took the car back in and they checked the freon and said it was 3 ozs low and probably had to be "filled to the top since it was a Hybrid in order to get the a/c to work" but no change in air.
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Make sure you replace the tubes or you'll be replacing the compressor again. They get stopped up with debris. This is my best guess. OR it could have been a bad condenser, and not your compressor.