Air blowing warn air on 2004 Toyota Camry

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Every car I have ever owned has been a toyota and it is the only car i will ever own. Here is my question...Heat works perfectly. maint books says if there is a significant problem with the A/C, the green light will flash and the compressor will automatically shut off. No flasing lights, compressor does not turn off. What are some possible causes and are they expensive to repair.
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I agree with you Toyota are a wonderful car/truck!
The green ac light flickering can have two causes a problem with the compressor or low refrigerant charge or the air conditioning relay is intermittently failing which I see on Toyota and Lexus from time to time.
Its coming up on summer and it may be no harm to have the air conditiong system checked out see if it needs a charge or has a sufficient leak that would require repair.
Air Conditioning work varies so much in price as parts prices vary and the source of leaks are often difficult to trace.
The green ac light may come on if the cars heater controls are set to defrost.
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Ah yes I was wondering bout your question. Your cars refrigerant is R134a. The refrigerant over time does loose pressure through the hoses, joints and such. It is quite possible that your ac system just needs a little recharge to make it perform well again.
To the person answering my question, thank you for prompty responding. however, I think I may have worded my question inapropriately. A/C is blowing warn air BUT light DOES NOT flash and the compressor DOES NOT shut off. I have never had my system "gased." Is it possible that all my car needs is freon?I have been told that freon should last "forever" unless there is a "leak" somewhere.