Air Blower Control Module on 1992 Cadillac Seville STS

My blower fan is not working. Where is the air control module located at for a 1992 Seville STS? Thanks. I have tested the fan and it does work.

Typically near the blower fan under the hood, near the firewall.
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I have 98 cadlilac Sts my blower motor will no turn on is it the power module all fuse are good fan motor is good how can I tell if its the power module that is the only part that has not been replaced
The input is coming from an HVAC computer (sometimes on the BCM). Typically the gray/black wire to the module is the input from the computer. This should read nothing with the car off. If it still read nothing with the car on, and the controls set to have the fan on, the harness needs to be replaced. If it is fine, the module needs replaces. Voltage should be between 4-8 volts typically.
I have the same problem. If I take out the PCM fuse the blower motor works fine, put it back in and it shuts down. What dose this mean?