Air bag sensor light illuminated for passenger side on 2004 BMW 745i

The air bag/safety sensor light for passenger seat appears on screen. BMW does not know whether it is circuit malfunction or something to do with airbag itself. This airbag has never released so find it hard to believe it is airbag itself. But est to find problem is>$1000. Any ideas??

Asked by for the 2004 BMW 745i
It's a poor sign if BMW can't figure out the source of the problem bu obviously their is a fault that would need to be diagnosed to have the airbags (SRS) to operate properly. If there is any independent BMW specialist in your area you trust ask them if they have seen a common problem with the SRS system or felt confident diagnosing problems in the SRS system. There is a professional service called Identafix. They only deal with professional repair shops. They are in the Minnesota 651-633-8007. Your auto repair shop do all their diagnosis tests, and discuss your problem with a team of professional technicians great service cheap and very bright people. If the repair shop that are repairing your car are stumped this is a great service. This company only deal with automotive repair shops and don't answer questions for the general public but are an amazing knowledge base.