air bag light on on 2001 Lincoln LS

meaning and cost?

by in Palm Bay, FL on July 20, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 20, 2013
Good afternoon, It sounds like you may have a bad clock spring. We are in Melbourne too and we would love to earn your business. we are a repair pal "top shop". Check out our profile and give us a call Monday to discuss your air bag light. Thanks and have a great day, Brin Assured Auto Works, Inc. 4451 Enterprise Court Suite N Melbourne, FL.32934 321-610-7977
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Hi there, I recently bought a 2000 Lincoln ls & my air bag light is on. The car horn is also not working when i press the steering wheel, but when i test out the alarm the car definatly has sound. ...
Air bag indicator light on dash remains on after engine is started. What is wrong? Is it fixable by me with little auto/electronic knowledge?
air bag light is on i have air bags in the car so where is the sensor in the front of the car
When you start the car the air bag light blinks and then it stays on

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