Air Bag light on on 2003 Subaru Forester

Have 75K miles, and the air bag light is now on all the time, About 25K miles ago it was intermittant. Any Ideas as to cause? thanks for your help.

by in Chelmsford, MA on September 11, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 11, 2009
On a Subaru Forester, the best thing to do is to scan the SRS computer and pull the correct code. However, the Seat Belt Buckle Switch(s) gets dirty and even that can trigger an SRS light.
ANSWER by on December 27, 2014
I had the air bag light stay on for significant periods (in my 2003 Forester). Illumination of the light was usually triggered after seat adjustments between different size drivers. (My wife said it was [always] me causing the problem.) Jiggling the (unusual) yellow airbag connector (under the driver's seat) and/or opening and reclosing the connector (with a spray of WD40) sometimes rectified the situation (for a while) ... until this year (2014). Finally, I bridged a parallel path for the two wires associated with the yellow connector. Bridge appears to have worked; air bag light goes out after car starts and does not remain lit (even with significant incidences of driver seat adjustments). Highlights of bridging: * Unbolted seat (4 floor bolts) for easier access. Tilted seat backward to expose underside. * Utilized "quick splice" connectors for bridge of each wire (path). (Quick splice connector straddles an OEM wire, while an added path wire is also inserted into the connector. The "blade" (built-into the connector) is pressed down to tap into the OEM wire as well as the added path wire. A "clam" strap on the connectors covers the blade. * Added in-line connectors in the added paths. (Added connectors installed in "polarized" fashion - e.g., male on "seat" side of added path1; female on "seat" side of added path2.) Added in-line connectors will (continue to) allow the disconnection of the seat from the "floor". * Maintained consistency/path across the yellow connector. (FYI - The floor side of the connector had 2 different color codes of wire; the seat side of the connector used the same color code for both wires.) I had read somewhere that if the air bag light was illuminated, the driver's airbag would not deploy (in an accident). That piece of information, coupled with the irritation of the illuminated air bag light, triggered me to rectify situation in a more permanent manner.
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