Air bag light blinking after high pressure hose replacement. What causes that? on 2007 Nissan Murano

Had a battery / power steering hose replaced within a month of each other and after taking it to the dealer for hp hose replacement, my light started blinking immediately before I pulled from their lot. Dealer claims a sensor went out. Recall list is non-conclusive, No one wants to use the recommended test equipment from the NHTSA website. What should I do?

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Have the dealer scan the SRS module for the codes to insure what the fault is and see if something was missed with their install of the hose. Double check what the code is and post so we can advise.
Thanks G.T. Service Center! I tried that and was told it was the Control Module Sensor. The dealer that installed the hose gave me this diagnosis and I took it to another dealer to see if something was missed with the install of the hose and was told the same thing. Blogs, websites, etc. states that the dealer is trying to rip off consumers by not owning up to something that could have gone wrong with the install and have added a stiff price of $1200 - $1600 for the repair. I've even tried the disconnect of the battery, as well as the 5 step diagnosis with the inignition being turned on & off. Nothing seems to work. What else can I do?
Need a scanner that will read the SRS module to be sure. They could have unplugged something and it can say the module is bad and really it has no power to function and shows no communication.
Thanks ProfessorG! The dealer claimed to have done all of that. I am having an issue with trust at this point. I have spent hundreds of dollars just to get to the bottom of this mysterious air bag blinking light. I don't know who to trust anymore. I even took it to a local Auto Zone to have it placed on that scanner, but nothing came up. My personal mechanic did the same thing and nothing again; also tried to unplug the fuse and the light stayed on RED. Anything else?
It can't be scanned with a code reader, it has to be able to get into the SRS, air bag module in able to read the codes.
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