air bag indicator light on 2002 Lincoln LS

Air bag indicator light on dash remains on after engine is started. What is wrong? Is it fixable by me with little auto/electronic knowledge?

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I have a 2002 LS air bag light came on ...I located the air bag harnest connect (located under the driver seat ) and made sure it was (all the way) plugged in and not damaged (which it shouldn't be damaged)......restarted and the light it went off.....mine was hangin down onto the floor panel under the driver seat...then I remembered the driver seat was moved just pressed the harnest firmly together and attached it under the seat to keep from hanging down...haven't had that prob again......even when the seat is moved
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air bags indicator light stays on
You need to have the Air Bag Computer scanned for codes. The reason the light stays on is the Air Bag Computer senses that there is a fault in the system.
The next step in fixing this is to get the diagnostic trouble codes stored in the air bag control module. Once you have the codes, get a repair manual and diagnose the codes according to the troubleshooting info in teh manual. I suggest using a manual from or