air bag deployment on 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS

i changed the factory bose sound system to a kenwood double din nav touchscreen and i had it professionally installed. after the install my chimes didn't work, my cruise control, and if you hit the onstar button the whole system shut off. Now most of that is steering wheel control and since the airbag is located in the steering wheel would it affect the deployment of said airbag.

I hate to say this so bluntly, but whoever performed the Stereo upgrade, did not know their stuff, or you would not have these issues. Take your Chevy back and have them resolve the issues, they may have pierced a CAN bus network cable, which can be quite involved to repair. They may have to sub it out to a good Automotive electrical shop.
So it can affect the deployment of an airbag ?if you don't have the right module in it shuts certain things off or won't let something work properly? These guys don't know what there doing at all and I'm not taking it back to them I just totalled it and I got hurt mainly because the airbag did not deploy. I took it to them because they said that I could maintain my steering wheel control my onstar sat radio chimes would work. I suppose I trusted the fact that so would my airbag. Wrong these guys were dicks too No Refunds he said not sorry about your truck or are you guys all right . So I have a call into the vice president concerning the matter i just wanted. To have alll my ducks in a row