2006 Subaru Outback Q&A

2006 Subaru Outback Question: Aftr Emssn Inspctn,car at stop in gear shudders rpm goes very low.

Just had my car emssion inspct done . Now under load in gear the car shudders engine rpm drops to ~500 Repair Tech said State Emmsin machine wiped out engine codes and to drv 57-100 miles they will reset ?? any one heard of this ?? Thanks! -
Answer 1
scan forcodes and post so we can adv -
Comment 1
Hi the service tech who re checked it said there were " no " codes at all! I believe this is what he based this diagnosis on. I have since driven nearly 90 miles with no change so far. thanks -
Answer 2
Its a Drive-By-Wire. Unplug battery, push the brake pedal in, reconnect battery. With all accessories/AC off, let it idle for about 10 mins, turn AC on, let idle for another 10. It will let the ECU relearn your idle settings. -