After the shop changed the computer, the brake and ABS light stsy on. on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500

The shop says this was incidental, not related to computer. Mechanic hooked up code checker under dash and showed me that there was no ABS code.

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scan codes and post so we can adv
I don't have scanner, shop used theirs and showed me that there was no code in computer for ABS. Believe that ABS is conrolled by a seperate Electronic Control Box?.
The abs module needs to be scanned for fault codes. I'm willing to bet the abs module will have a fault code for unknown engine control module due to the engine control module replacement. Did they install a remanufactured controller? I think either the programming of the replacement module its questionable or some simple steps like entering the vin number into the new controller was not performed.
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I would be willing to bet that your ABS module has a fault code for not recognizing the new engine computer. I think a simple process like entering the vehicle identification number into the new module was over looked. That replacement module needs configured.