after the other owner replaced catalic converter in mar passed i gp in oct on 1994 Toyota Celica

she replaced her cat in mar her test was737 and 509 and mine is 1773 and 2021 my lifter is also knocking

Asked by for the 1994 Toyota Celica maybe there is another issue...
i know but what it has a front catalic converter and the lifter is tapping i want to solve the problem without spending a lot i am strapped for fiances
okay...let me know the O2 CO2 HC CO and NOx at 15mph and 25mph...
ok. theco2 is 15.4 o2 is 0 hc 64 gp 281 23 co .38gp2.05 .o5 501 gp 1961 thes are the numbers =1773 fail and what is nox i cannot find it at 25 co215.3 020.0 hc40gp231 13 co .38 2.040.02 no 535gp1761=2021 gp
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Get references BEFORE bringing it into a shop for diagnosis and repair. Also look into the Ca. laws regarding emissions tests and repairs. I don't know about Ca. , but in Va. there is a limit on the amount you must spend in an attempt to get your car passed emissions , if you meet or exceed the minimum $$ amount and have it all documented properly you can apply for a 'waiver' from the DMV.I would think the facilities that do the tests would have info on that for you. As for the car....... when the previous owner put on (or had put on by a shop) the converter , they were only fixing the symptom not the CAUSE. Guessing and putting parts on in hopes they fix it will be a lot more expensive than actual diagnosis and REPAIR , most likely. Good luck.
i know i do have a reference i do not have the fiances i cannot get help because i bought the car on a lien sale
To answer your question in the other reply--'NOx' is Oxides of nitrogenif I remember correctly, and is a result of high combustion temperatures (simplified). Can't help with finances , but can suggest that anything done should relate to cooling the exhaust temp. (relative term) Running to 'lean' (to much air or not enough fuel), cooling system not efficient enough , failed catalyst , and many more POSSIBILITIES! Most effective to have it diagnosed PROPERLY. As I stated before, get educated on the emissions laws in your state , BEFORE spending any money. Good luck.