After replacing the oil filter, oil leaks out of the filter. Why? on 2007 Hyundai Veracruz

(not a mechanic) I have changed oil on this vehicle for the past 4.5 years using the same parts and oil brand. For the first time, however, I see that oil leaks out of the oil filter housing unit. All rubber gaskets have been replaced as I always do but for some reason, it seems that the oil is not contained in the oil filter housing unit. I thought it was a bad oil filter so I put in a new one but the results are the same.

by in Fairfield, CA on March 04, 2012
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ANSWER by on March 05, 2012
Check to see if the old seal is attached to the filter housing, if two seals are present it will leak.
ANSWER by on March 05, 2012
Does this vehicle have a canister type oil filter housing (ie.. paper filter instead of the more traditional metal style filter)? If it is the canister type with the paper filter, check the housing cap/cover (where the big o-ring seal fits into) for cracks or cross-threading. When you replaced the filter the second time, did you change the o-ring seals again with it? If not, it's worth a shot. Also, it's a VERY good idea to lube the o-rings with some engine oil before putting the housing cover back on. EDIT: just did some reading and found FRAM had a production run of O-rings that are too small and do not seal properly. If the oil is leaking between the housing cover and housing itself, I would try a different brand o-ring or better yet, one from the dealership. AND make sure to lube the o-ring with engine oil before re-installing the cap/cover.
COMMENT by on March 05, 2012
The 2007 model is a canister type oil filter housing. I replaced the 2 o-rings (one small one and one large one at the top of the cap - last thread before the very top). I reset the filter to make sure it is on straight (and not crooked), put new oil on the o-rings, and even cleaned the top of the housing unit to get rid of the old oil. When I turn on the engine, I can see the oil slowly coming out of the housing unit. Any more ideas?

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