after replacing rear brake pads and rotors there is a squel when appling the bra on 2004 Ford Mustang

when removing the old rear brake pads they were very hard to remove and there were clips attached to the top and bottom of the old pads. when installing the new pads with the clips attached the pads would'nt fit,there fore I left them out,so the pads would release after braking. It seems to me that if the clips were attached,and if I could install the pads they would be so tight that they wouldn't release after braking. thank you for any help

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Where did you buy the pads?
the pads were purchased at auto zone the gold pads- top of the line
Those clips are the 'brakeware' and do need to be in there to align the pads and keep them from bouncing inside the mounting bracket.
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are they good pads if so recheck your work