After replacing heads, car won't idle on 1998 Ford Explorer

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It is very hard to crank and once it starts I have to push the gas pedal to get it to 1100 rpm, but once I let off the gas it dies
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It's a 4.0 pushrod v6
And now we're seeing it blow two of the vacuum hoses off as its running
Plug wires back in proper order? Check them again!! New spark plugs after heads installed? Check engine light on? Need code numbers!
You were right, the plug wires were in the wrong order and the coil was cracked. After changing the coil and plugging the plug wires in correctly, the problem is solved! Thank you all very much for your assistance! :-)
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You're missing something, walk away then go back and think of the steps of everything you took off, then how it went back together.
thats what im saying..maybe coolant in cyl ,need to be ran awhile..check to make sure oils alrite..i usally change it after u get it running..
We've been working on this vehicle for over a week and just found out that the head bolts have to have a 90° turn past the torque specs. Could not having done that be our problem?
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It should be done, but it still should start and run if everything else is correct. Long term it will cause problems if it's not done.
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