After replacing ac/heater blower switch it still only works/blows on high. on 2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500

No low or medium speed function.

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How easy it would have been for you to have simply responded differently! Hell yes he knows and so do i.!! Wtf. Good luck!!!
Thanks PR
Sure! ...I have had enough of that BS!! I really dont care if they kick me off anymore, i'm tired of the sarcasm ,, just trying to help these da's!
We both like helping people and then this, they just don't understand what and who we are and have to politely put them in their place. They are the ones who lose on all the knowledge we have. Go back and check out the post about the 1989 Cadillac a week ago. I told RP about what I did on that post on the phone, Just look at what he's asking for. The 12th
I looked, that's my point exactly! What response did you get from rp?
This site was not intended for that anyway.
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Why didn't you ask before replacing the switch.
It's obvious you don't know...
It's obvious I wanted a reply before answering, because if you answer you rarely get a response or a thank you, so with your remark, and I have fixed these things for longer then you have been driving, I think I will let you figure it out on your own. I do car repairs for a living, but your not getting the fix from me, I didn't deserve your response, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
OOOH, nasty little bees on here...this LADY replaced the switch because the mechanic told me to, but it is obviously connected to something I can't figure out as it goes out repeatedly.
Something is bad , and I was hoping some kind human could answer.
Peace out....
The blower motor has battery voltage. The speed is controlled by the blower switch sending a ground signal through the blower resistor to regulate the speed the blower turns. If it's blowing on high speed, it is normally a fault in the blower resistor, or burned/shorted wiring at the resistor.
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