2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Q&A

2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Question: after market remote starter

I purchased the car used and it came with the aftermarket car starter/anti theft system. My remote has stopped working. I changed the batteries and it was not that. I can not start my car without disarming the system and I have not a clue how to do that without the remote nor do i know how to reprogram the remote to see if that is the issue. If anyone could help i would appreciate it. -
Answer 1
Remove the aftermarket alarm. they are full of headaches and are usually very poor quality. -
Comment 1
tell me about it now i have anti -theft i always have to push the unlock button on the remote before starting the car how do i diconect is the starter wire coneceted to the unit it self please adive cmarchesano @live.com plus i have the carstarter as well -
Answer 2
Depending on the remote starter, there should be a master reset button for the starter ecu. I would locate that reset it and then find a manual to reprogram to the features you would like to work. -