After i get to my desination an come bck to the car it wont start. on 1994 Lexus LS400

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While driving with the A/C on everything fine but when i go shut off car an go into the store an come out it wont crank.but if i let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes it cranks bck up.please help.
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Possible problem with the main relay. Need to check to see if it is failing. It will be intermittant at first and then happen more and more often till the vehicle won't crank at all.
Wht about the thermostat?Could tht be a problem for over heating.I drove it today an had no problems.but i also didnt use the A/C.
You never said you have an overheating issue. You said everything was fine even with the A/C running. Do you have an overheating issue?
I hvnt put antifreeze in my car since i left Ga,i live in philly now.The temp gadge always be in the middle,now since i drive with a/c on the temp gauge goes up.Today i didnt turn it on an it drove just fine.I hv been in philly for 4months now.After i get to my destination an get bck into the car it wont crank but if i wait for 20min it cranks right up.I got an oil change today.The man wanted 159dollars for oil change an radiator flush. I thought tht was to much so i just stuck with oil change.