after i do the cold start for the drive cycle ? on 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

there's no way i can just drive 25 around the neighboorhood and then get to 35-40 without braking . the other thing it says is after a cold start you need to get to 55 , it will take me 10-15min to get to the expressway . im in chicago , these tests are not possible and i can't pass the emissions cause 3 say not ready , how in the world do i drive around without stopping ? my car will be hot by the time i get somewhere so i can go 55 and costing to a stop around here will get you killed . this is nuts , any help please ???

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agree with ziptie drive more and use freeways
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Normal driving for anywhere from 100-200 miles total , should set the readiness monitors. TRY not to tailgate (city area I know that's difficult!). As much steady speed and coast-downs as possible seem to help in the ones I have to drive for that reason (emissions testing). EVAP seems to be the most time consuming due to conditions needed , but at least in Va. you're allowed to have 1 monitor 'not ready' and still test. Good luck.
Man i am glade i live in Franklin Co.!!!!!!!!! I guess that crap is coming but at least for now none of the BS.