after crash new part wear out within months on 2002 Dodge Durango

I had a front end crash, frame not bent, checked by expert
after accident suv would not hold alignment.first replaced
rack-in-pionion, within a few months rack-in-pionion had to be replaced, next replaced tires, shocks, brakes,power steering pump, had to replace power steering pump again. a ball joint and wheel bearing. still would not hold alignment. sent to best shop within 100 miles. est from them replace upper ball joints and lower ball joints (as noted had already replaced one ball joint but it was worn out) stablizer links, outer tie rod ends, right front bearing ( right front bearing already replaced once)
i had work done by my shop. now lower right ball joint and stablizer link worn out and front right wheel bearing. thought all of this never held alignment within specs. insurance company refuses to pay. i believe the accident caused a problem that cannot be found. and the insurance company should total vehical have you seen problem like this.

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there is something very wrong there. if you never had a problem before then something changed. i would go to a frame shop first and have them confirm that there is no frame damage. dont take anybodies else word for it no matter what they say. my guess is that they will find something. at that point you have a case to re open your claim. they wont pay for all those redundant repairs that did nothing but make those people a lot of money. you need to start from scratch. be patient and persistant.