after changing spark plugs why is my jeep now stalling? on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

my jeep was running fine up until my husband changed the spark plugs. after that the jeep starts to stall and feels like it not getting enough spark... we even wet to buy new spark plugs wires and still the the same thing.... whats wrong with it??

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Best guess: wrong spark plugs! Get the O.E. which i think is Champ. NON platinum.
Been there done that! Again Best Guess.
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have codes and live data scanned to determine issue.
Something left unplugged?
It won't run right on them platinum plugs!! If that is what was used.
Yeah, I remembered the early '90s Lebarons were like that too , now that you mention it.Maybe they'll actually check back and see your suggestion.........Have a bowl of fruity pebbles while we're waiting...........never mind :)
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