After changing distributor cap,rotor and wires, timing is off? Possible remedy on 1998 Dodge Ram 2500

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Tried a new ignition module,no luck. Going for crank sensor. Checked that number 1 cyc. Is firing at proper distributor sequence and it is. If there were a gear on bottom of distributor it would seem it's one tooth off???
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Thanks for you reply. I replaced the distributor with another one ( used from a 2000 5.9) thinking the cap which was held down with wire ties,because someone in the past broke off one of the ears that fasten it wasnot securing to the base. No difference, still won't idle and acts like the timing is off. All this started when cap rotor and wires were changed by a "mechanic" , now I have the problem on my own. I doubt the timing chain jumped, because it was running fine except for no start on wet days. Cam sensor is ok. It starts, so I'm assuming the crank sensor is ok. I haven't tries to rotate the distributor to see if it makes a difference . What's next????