1991 Honda Civic Q&A

1991 Honda Civic Question: After a recent trip I noticed my Temp/fuel gages @0 no blinker and stalls out?

Details first problem. Car would not start after starting well for numerous times, replaced main relay, starts fine. also car stalls as I drive down the road will not start for several minutes, Getting worse and more frequent. Someone suggested ignition switch. Gear selector will lock in park I have to use the key to move it out, so I park and start in neutral. After a recent trip I noticed the temp and gas gages dropped to the bottom and no longer work. Any Ideas??????? P.S. I dont know what type of engine this is. -
Answer 1
Change the ignition switch. -
Answer 2
Honda had recalls on many ignition switch electrical portions call the dealer see if there is a recall (have your VIN number handy). -