aft4er fitting new clutch cannot select 2nd gear without crunch, all other gears on 1991 BMW 325i

new clutch is smooth take up good, ist gear good change up to 2nd, crunch! bang lever hard seems to engage 2nd better, all other gears OK

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what type of clutch kit did you purchase. dealer or aftermarket?
aftermkt for sure, I bought the car not runninhg with a busted clutch. came with the clutch kit in the boots , fitted good and ia smooth take up, had a hassle getting clutch to operate thogh, pressure plate a liiole lower than ogiginal, 2-3mm had to adjust the secondary slave cyclinder to contect to the clutch lever
iv seen badaftermarket b4 they just don't work well in this car. try readjusting and bleed hydraulic system again