AERO 9-3 V6 TURBO RELIABILITY on 2006 Saab 9-3

What about the Aero V6 TURBO, 2006?
Good or bad reliability?
Repairs cost?
Good buy at 18 000$ with 80 000 kl?
Extended warranty bumper to bumper.

Asked by for the 2006 Saab 9-3
I have owned a Saab and loved it. I do not have personal experience with this year/model but all the fed back I have heard about this car from owners is favorable. Drivers tend to love power and handling of this car. I would suggest before buying this car make sure there is good dealer support (for parts and repairs) and perhaps a good independent Saab repair shop in your area that is knowledgeable with your car. If this is your first Saab go visit the dealer and several repair shops to see if you feel comfortable with them. Get someone that specializes in Saab to do a pre-purchase inspection on this Saab prior to purchasing it, anything found wrong can be used to negotiate price. If buying from a private party as them for previous service records.