adjust the mixture on the fuel injection. What is the bottom to top count CW to CCW? on 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E

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Someone removed the fuel mixture tower, and tried to change the fuel mix. What is the baseline to gain back to start the engine. I have no idea if they turned the adjuster screw CW or CCW & how much.I need to know just level of turns from bottom up to start the engine again.All other systems are perfect.
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You may need to use an exhaust analyzer to set the mixture on your car.
Sorry, I don't have much information on this car.
The best thing I can do for you is to give you these links:
Here are two online sources for you:
For AllData:
Here's the one for Mitchell as well:
If that wasn't helpful, I recommend you make friends with a Benz specialist.
If you want to find an MBZ specialist, here's our directory link for you:

Thanks Superbob! The biggest prob is that I cannot start the engine to get a reading.