Volvo S60 Problem Report

Volvo S60 Adding coolant frequently without a visible leak

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I have my 2006 Volvo s60 2.5t AWD serviced at the dealership per the recommended schedule in the Owner's Manual. Recently between the 37,500 and 45,000 mile service I noticed my "Coolant Level Low" light coming on about every 2 months but I park my car in a garage and have never seen any fluid leaking. I add the 50/50 coolant to the full level only to have to add it again in a few weeks. Today at my 45,000 service the Dealership tells me my radiator is cracked, is not repairable and needs to be replaced completely to the tune of $850. Apparently the coolant was leaking out by my exaust and burns off before it hits the ground which is why I never saw a puddle. They say because the radiator is made up of aluminum and plastic, the leak can't be welded because it will melt the plastic and this is a common problem with Volvo radiators. Just want to warn other Volvo owners. -
I believe the problem is systemic...My cracked radiator was replaced and the problem of loosing anti freeze lingers on! -
Coolant is gone and no leaking. (?) -
have to check reservoir or will run dry. -
The coolant level goes down every 2nd or 3rd day though I can't see any leaks. I was told that I need repair/replace the head gasket???? -
Coolant seems to go down in level, no leak I can see. I just keep adding the 50/50 . -
interior rattles, dash, console, doors -
The slow leak coolant problem resulted in a radiator replacement. took 6 months to diagnose. -
Odometer 44,500 km. 3 short trips ago warning message "Do not start engine - coolant low". Put in 1 litre of water and scheduled premature major 48,000 km service and tire change. Volvo Service called and advised radiator cracked and requires replacement, and there are some oil leaks. No sign of leaks in my parking stall. Estimates cost: Radiator C$1,000, oil leak parts C$200, labour approx C$600. -
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