Adding Coolant on 1998 Toyota 4Runner

Should antifreeze be added to the resovoir or the radiator and should the antifreeze be deluted with water?

by in Maidens, VA on April 09, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 09, 2009
Genuine Toyota Antifreeze/coolant is red in color but perhaps your local garage uses green colored coolant. Which ever color coolant is used you should stick to that "color" coolant as the chemical make up of each is slightly different. You should only have to top up the expansion resivior as the radiator cap should retrieve coolant from the expansion tank trough the valve built into the radiator cap. I would still recommend occasionally checking the coolant level in the radiator when the radiator is cold engine not running. The system should not require frequent topping up or it may indicate you have a leak or overheating problem.
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