1995 BMW 318i Q&A

1995 BMW 318i Question: Add Transmission Fluid

How do I check and add transmission fluid to my car. -
Answer 1
Transmissions are filled at factory for life of transmission. There is no dipstick to check fluid level from engine compartment. Fluid is checked from underneath vehicle. Ensure vehicle is level and transmission fluid is cold ( 68F to 86F , 20C to 30C) Some transmission models have an oil plug located high on side of transmission oil pan. Oil from filler plug will leak out when removed. If oil spills from filler plug, transmission is full. -
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Thanks so much. -
Answer 2
You need to take it to a mechanic and have them check as the transmission is a closed system, it's best not to mess with the tranie, have a certified mechanic take a look. -
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