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Acura Vigor Problems

Exhaust & Emissions -- Verified

The exhaust manifold commonly fails on the 5 cylinder engine and may develop an exhaust leak that is especially noticeable when the car is cold.

Acura Vigor Questions and Answers

krod, 1992 Acura Vigor, San Antonio, TX

where is the anti-theft module located in this car alarm stays on where the car doesnt start?

jmartinez, 1992 Acura Vigor, Plano, IL

Where do i get the wiring diagram and how do i get the alarm disarmed and the car started?

RomeFadem, 1992 Acura Vigor, 2.5L 5 Cylinder, Graham, WA

My car is making a revving noise while warming up and the tachometer is going up and down between the 1 and 3 and it stops after about 3-6 mins. It also gets hot after driving a short distance. The...

Acura92, 1992 Acura Vigor, 2.5L 5 Cylinder, Allentown, PA

replaced master & slave cylinders, did clutch kit. car won't go in gear hard to press down clucth. Started having clutch issue after hearing a loud bang like I was rear ended. Flywheel?

Acura92, 1992 Acura Vigor, 2.5L 5 Cylinder, Allentown, PA

would the flywheel stop the car from going in gear. in ref to trans axle it will start in gear jump forward but moves would this still happen if trans axle was gone?

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Acura Vigor Reviews

overall a solid car. I have chased the oil leak at the distributor, repaired the exhaust, replaced water pump/tires/oil/-not too much more . Car will be 20 this year. 156k miles, paid 1200 two years ago. Handy-mans car, needs attention on accession, mine has always started and run.(granted not perfectly, but if you want that bust out with 40,000.00 for a second car, then you can expect a little more!)

My 1994 Vigor air conditioning works perfectly AS LONG AS THE TEMP. IS BELOW 75 DEGREES! If it's warmer than that-- I get nothing! The fan won't even turn on to recirculate any air at all! The past couple of weeks it's been in the 90's and a couple of times my air conditioning suddenly started up and working perfectly! Oh! And if I hit a speed bump on a downhill street-- then it usually kicks back on!... Any idea of what this problem could be? A friend told me the entire dashboard has to be taken out in order to repair the AC-- and that it would be extremely costly! :-( Oh no!

Bought a fairly clean GS model with a 5-speed 1/12. Replaced ball joints. tie rods, and still needed more front end work! The ride in general is OK, but these cars need to be babied! Hope you have a lot of cash for repairs if you like these cars. The 5 cylinder engine is peppy and slightly hesitant on the 1st gear response. The front seats fit tight like a sports car and forget about room in the back seat! Had fun with this 5-speed model while I owned it for 7 months, but it made me go broke! Buyer beware!


My 92 2500 5cly Vigor has a strong smell of either breaks or transmission, I noticed the TCS light came on and didn't turn off until the car has cooled. Also there looks to be smoke like a fluid is burning off by the fire wall below the car, again its not engine oil! Is there something I can test for?

I personaly love the car, everything about it. but i personaly have some issues is about my alarm, well lest say is still on try to dissarmed from the door but my thing is mest up but manesh to handle it by taking the fuse of which is the (stop horn) fuse, on the motor fuse box but by doing that i just reasently realise i dindt have brake light my brake light dont work so if anyone can help...everything works on light section .

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